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Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption by Stevenson, Bryan (#0628FQ1)

Hardcover Spiegel & Grau, 2014
Price: USD 25.55

Other available formats

Paperback Spiegel & Grau, 2015

USD 16.75

Dewey: 353.4; Audience: Adult
RC 10.7 24; LEX 1130L

Tags: Criminal Justice & Law Injustice (Literary Theme) Justice (Literary Theme) Memoir Social Issues

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Free? : stories about human rights (#29823E1)

FollettBound Glued Candlewick Press, c2009 p2010
Price: USD 17.32

Other available formats

Paperback Candlewick Press, c2009, p2010

USD 9.70

Dewey: -Fic-; Audience: Young Adult
AR 4.5 MG+ 5 136977EN; RC 4.6 11; LEX 750L; F&P Y
From Booklist: Grades 7-10; Kirkus: Ages 10+; PW: Ages 10-up; SLJ: Gr 7-Up

Tags: Historical Fiction Human Rights Realistic Fiction Social Issues Story Collections

Our rights : how kids are changing the world (How Kids are Saving the Planet) by Wilson, Janet (#0518HH2)

Hardcover Second Story Press, 2013
Price: USD 17.59

Dewey: 303.48; Audience: Upper Elementary; Reading Level: 6.8
AR 7 MG 1 159455EN
From the publisher: Grades 4-6; Ages 7-12
From Booklist: Grades 4-7; Kirkus: Ages 6-10; SLJ: Gr 6-8

Tags: African American Human Rights Social Issues

Children growing up with war by Matthews, Jenny (#0936GP7)

Hardcover Candlewick Press, 2014
Price: USD 16.74

Dewey: 303.6; Audience: Middle School; Reading Level: 6.7
AR 7 MG 2 170750EN; LEX 1030L; F&P Y
From the publisher: Age 10
From Kirkus: Ages 10-14; SLJ: Gr 5-Up

Tags: Consequences of War (Literary Theme) Narrative Nonfiction Social Issues

Can we help? : kids volunteering to help their communities by Ancona, George (#0736NV8)

Hardcover Candlewick Press, 2015
Price: USD 16.74

Dewey: 361.37; Audience: Lower Elementary; Reading Level: 3.5
From the publisher: Grades Pre-K/K-3; Ages 5-8
From Booklist: Grades 2-4; Kirkus: Ages 5-12; SLJ: Gr 1-4

Tags: Community Social Issues

She takes a stand : 16 fearless activists who have changed the world (Women Of Action) by Ross, Michael Elsohn (#0750FU4)

Hardcover Chicago Review Press, 2015
Price: USD 18.47

Dewey: 320.082; Audience: Young Adult
From PW: Ages 12-up; SLJ: Gr 7-10

Tags: Biography Civil Rights Human Rights Social Issues Women's Studies

Kids who are changing the world by Jankeliowitch, Anne (#0777UN1)

Paperback Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2014
Price: USD 18.50

Dewey: 363.7; Audience: Upper Elementary; Reading Level: 7.4
LEX 950L
From the publisher: Grades 3-6; Ages 9-12
From Booklist: Grades 5-8; PW: Ages 9-12; SLJ: Gr 3-6

Tags: Conservation & Environment Social Issues Story Collections

Volunteering : a how-to guide (Life: A How-to Guide) by Borus, Audrey (#0411KQ9)

Paperback Enslow Publishers, 2012
Price: USD 12.88

Dewey: 302; Audience: Young Adult
From the publisher: Grades 6-7; Ages 11-17
From SLJ: Gr 6-10

Tags: Community Social Issues

Be the change in your community (Be the Change!) by Kopp, Megan (#0987MQ2)

FollettBound Sewn Crabtree Publishing Company, 2015
Price: USD 15.79

Dewey: 303.3; Audience: Lower Elementary; Reading Level: 3.5
AR 3.5 LG .5 171372EN; RC 2.5 2; LEX 460L; GR L
From the publisher: Grades 2-3

Tags: Social Issues

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La responsabilidad (Little World Social Skills Level K-2) by Hicks, Kelli L (#0519GQ5)

Hardcover (library binding) Rourke Educational Media, 2015
Language: Spanish
Price: USD 21.00

Dewey: 179; Audience: Lower Elementary
LEX 970L; DRA 34; GR O
From the publisher: Grades Pre-K/K-2; Ages 5-7
From SLJ: K-Gr 3

Tags: Includes Extension Activities Includes Picture Glossary Social Issues

Refugees (American Mosaic: Immigration Today) by Howell, Sara (#0637DQ6)

FollettBound Sewn PowerKids Press, 2015
Price: USD 18.95

Dewey: 325; Audience: Upper Elementary; Reading Level: 6.4
From the publisher: Grades 2-3; Ages 8-11
From SLJ: Gr 4-6

Tags: Immigration & Emigration Refugees Social Issues

Beyond texting : the fine art of face-to-face communications for teenagers by Fine, Debra (#0700WPX)

Paperback Canon Publishers, 2014
Price: USD 12.31

Dewey: 302.2; Audience: Young Adult
From Booklist: Grades 7-11; PW: Ages 13-up; SLJ: Gr 7-Up

Tags: Life Skills Social Issues

Healthy weight for teens (Nutrition & Health) by Mooney, Carla (#0865GK1)

Hardcover (library binding) Lucent Books, 2013
Price: USD 29.41

Dewey: 613; Audience: Young Adult
From the publisher: Grades 7-10; Ages 12-16

Tags: Fitness & Nutrition Social Issues

What do you stand for? for kids : a guide to building character by Lewis, Barbara A (#33278V2)

FollettBound Glued Free Spirit Pub., 2005
Price: USD 23.21

Dewey: 170; Audience: Upper Elementary; Reading Level: 6.1
From the publisher: Grades 3-7; Ages 7-11

Tags: Social Issues

What are the jobs of the future? (At Issue) (#0815VS9)

Hardcover Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2015
Price: USD 32.87

Other available formats

Paperback Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, 2015

USD 28.80

Dewey: 331.7; Audience: Young Adult
From the publisher: Grades 10-12; Ages 14-17

Tags: Argumentative Writing Careers & College Multiple (Point of View) Social Issues