Economics for the IB diploma workbook. Paper 3 (#1392BBX)

by Hoang, Paul
Paperback Hodder Education, 2015
Price: USD 19.50
Description: 80 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
Dewey: 330; Audience: Young Adult
From the publisher: Grades 11-12


Support Your Learning Objectives

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From Follett

Provides a workbook on economics for the IB Diploma Programme.

From the Publisher

Reinforce and improve your student's mathematical skills for the Paper 3 exam with this write-in workbook, including actual questions from past papers.
Exam-style questions on each key topic, are broken down so your students can understand what the question is asking of them and what mathematical calculations they need to use.
- Presents the questions in context of their topics for better understanding of the syllabus requirements and knowledge
- Sets plenty of practice with exam-style questions and actual exam questions, covering all the assessment objectives, plus a mock exam at the end of the book consisting of full 25 mark questions
- Tips and useful expert hints for exam success
Answers are available free online at

'... yet another great resource from Paul!' Prachi Gupta, IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, YCIS, China.

Product Details
  • Publisher:Hodder Education
  • Publication Date: September 25, 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dewey: 330
  • Classifications: Nonfiction
  • Description: 80 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
  • ISBN-10: 1-47185-132-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-47185-132-2
  • Follett Number: 1392BBX
  • Audience: Young Adult
  • Grades: 11-12

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