Middle Years Programme

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Discovering the MYP Series

These easy-to-use books introduce year 1 and 2 students to the key elements of the curriculum using a set of engaging activities. A set of six, illustrated global contexts posters for display around the school are also available.

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IB Skill Series

An exciting new series for year 4 and 5 students that will develop the interdisciplinary and disciplinary skills that are essential to the understanding of both concepts and subject content.

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Teacher Support Materials


Support guides and teaching journals created for those who teach the IB programmes cover best practices, implementation, and ways to better your students’ experiences with the IB.

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Activities & Workbooks


Workbooks with activities including MYP Assess, MYP Inquiry and Approaches to Learning increase students’ understanding of what they are learning in their studies and how it all applies to people and the world around them.

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Posters & Brochures

myp posters

We have a large selection of posters for your classroom, and educational brochures that complement your curriculum and show IB pride.

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Merchandise & Apparel

Well-loved by students and also make great gifts — browse our selection of sweatshirts, jackets, bags, school supplies, and more.


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More MYP Resources from Follett

Resources to supplement your MYP curriculum — from subject-specific support to professional development

Follett Expert Picks

Follett experts have grouped the best materials to enhance your curriculum across the nine main concepts covered in the MYP.

Professional Development

These carefully selected titles foster the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate by focusing on academic rigor, best practices, and diverse approaches to teaching and learning in an international framework.

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