Kids like me : voices of the immigrant experience (#30339R3)

by Blohm, Judith M

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Paperback Intercultural Press, 2006
Price: USD 27.00
Description: xviii, 265 pages : illustrations, maps ; 22 cm
Dewey: 305.23; Int Lvl: 5-8; Rd Lvl: 5.6


From Follett

Includes bibliographical references. A collection of twenty-six personal narratives in which young immigrants share their struggles to adapt to life in America.

From the Publisher
As our neighborhoods grow more diverse, a splendid variety of cultures, values and traditions become an important part of our classrooms and schools. In Kids Like Me, 26 personal narratives celebrate the experience of young people making a new home in a strange community--finding common ground as they make new friends, learn English, share their cultural identities, their challenges, successes and dreams. Kids Like Me provides a youthful perspective on the important themes of crossing cultures, immigration and citizenship and learning to appreciate differences. These stories are intended to foster intercultural awareness and sensitivity and encourage individual and community action to assist newcomers in their adjustment. While written to help youth understand their classmates and friends, Kids Like Me also includes discussion questions, self-directed activities and research ideas for teachers and other mentors that can be used in classrooms, youth clubs and community settings. Richly illustrated with photos and maps of each home country, the text presents countless opportunities to explore and understand different cultures and new friends. Young people who have come from all over the world share their stories and invite their new neighbors to see that in so many ways these kids are just like me.

Product Details
  • Publisher: Intercultural Press
  • Publication Date: March 21, 2006
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dewey: 305.23
  • Classifications: Nonfiction
  • Description: xviii, 265 pages : illustrations, maps ; 22 cm
  • Tracings: Lapinsky, Terri.
  • ISBN-10: 1-931930-21-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-931930-21-5
  • LCCN: 2006-003554
  • Follett Number: 30339R3
  • Catalog Number: 193193021X
  • Interest Level: 5-8
  • Reading Level: 5.6

Reviews & Awards
  • Reference and Research Book News, 08/01/06

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