Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution by natural selection (Revolutionary Discoveries Of Scientific Pioneers) (#0995NL1)

by Bortz, Fred

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Hardcover (library binding) Rosen Publishing, 2014
Price: USD 27.61
Description: 80 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 27 cm.
Dewey: 576.8; Int Lvl: YA


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These stimulating titles offer a unique perspective on scientific history. Each book focuses on one of the greatest and most groundbreaking discoveries that shifted the course of scientific discovery. Readers not only learn about the history of the breakthrough but also the science behind it. The findings are explained in an approachable and understandable way, using examples in real life to elucidate some of the more difficult concepts. Finally, these titles follow the Common Core State Standards initiative in math by helping students interpret scientific information in graphs and data displays. Features color and black-and-white photos, sidebars, timelines, index. Author Biography, We

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From Follett

Includes bibliographical references (pages 73-76) and index.;A young naturalist -- A time of evolving thought -- Darwin's treasure trove -- Discoveries and questions -- (R)evolution! -- From Darwin to Darwinism. Discusses the life and scientific discoveries of Charles Darwin.

From the Publisher
Disciplinary Core Ideas for biological evolution that include evidence of common ancestry and diversity, natural selection, and adaptation are concepts students need to grasp in Common Core State Standards. This volume explains Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection while telling how a hypothesis became not merely a theory but the foundation of an entire science. Darwin saw the importance of this theory and risked controversy and ridicule to bring it to light. Topics include the Beagle's voyage of discovery and Darwin's writings as well as the controversy over teaching evolution, creation science, and intelligent design in biology classrooms today.

Product Details
  • Publisher: Rosen Publishing
  • Publication Date: December 15, 2013
  • Format: Hardcover (library binding)
  • Series: Revolutionary discoveries of scientific pioneers
  • Edition: First edition.
  • Dewey: 576.8
  • Classifications: Biography, Nonfiction
  • Description: 80 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 27 cm.
  • ISBN-10: 1-47771-802-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-47771-802-5
  • LCCN: 2013-013178
  • Follett Number: 0995NL1
  • Interest Level: YA

Reviews & Awards
  • Library Media Connection, 01/01/15
  • School Library Journal, 04/01/14

Full-Text Reviews
Library Media Connection (January/February 2015)
Each book features specific scientific discoveries by individuals who possessed a curiosity that enabled them to further humanity's knowledge. A biographical sketch describes early struggles, interest in science, challenges, impact of the scientific discovery on their personal lives, and the influence of their contribution on current scientific research. Intriguing facts portray these scientists as ordinary yet gifted individuals who struggled. Books include illustrations, photographs, and diagrams. This series would be a valuable addition to a library collection, since the information adds a human element to early research. Bibliography. Glossary. Timeline. Websites. Cynthia D. Schulz, PhD, Teacher Librarian, Marysville Getchell High School, Marysville, Washington [Editor's Note: Available in e-book format.] RECOMMENDED

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